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Do you start your day with a good morning or are you one of those unfortunate souls for the whom the arrival of morning is sheer purgatory?

Most of the time I wake up eager to start my day but this morning – whose fault was it that we stayed up very late last night because we had friends over for dinner? – with the wind howling from the north I would have preferred to snuggle back down under the duvet and snooze the day away except that I wanted to go into town to our local charity’s second-hand sale.

Seemingly overnight the temperatures have plummeted from 30 degrees C to a measly 15 with the arrival of the first of the autumn storms. The air was crystal clear and the sun shone out of a bright blue sky but the wind cut like a knife. At the edge of the concrete platform which serves as a beach in this part of Turkey, the waves, vivid turquoise and malachite green, crashed against the wooden decking sending spray up through the cracks to wet my feet. The wind whipped at my hair and salt spray stung my face as the retreating waves surged against the successive incoming ones.

A couple of parasols had blown off their pedestals allowing me to photograph them close-up. I’m sure I’ll find a way of incorporating these interesting textures into some future artwork.

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Comments on: "Friday Finds and WP weekly photo challenge: good morning" (1)

  1. beautiful photos and yes this will make a beautiful texture. hope you get a nap today : )

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