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Does anyone know what this fruit is? (I’m assuming it is a fruit). It’s about the size of a large lemon with wrinkled skin. Inside the fibres radiate from a central core but we didn’t see any sign of a stone or pips. The tree was growing in Side, southern Turkey.






Comments on: "Friday finds – strange fruit" (5)

  1. It’s a horse apple. Very stinky I understand, sometimes said to repell insects. Osage orange tree. The inner bark is a wonderful dye source for yellow, but you must chop it very small or grind it to extract all the dye. Woodworkers usually save their waste for local dyers. Also called bodark from the French bios d’arc because the tree usually grows very straight branches which make great arrows.

  2. Nice tree bordak, ,greeting from Belgium

  3. Thanks I’ve never seen one so its great to learn 🙂

  4. Very interesting! So unusual looking. You will have to use it to dye something!

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