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Last month we went on a road trip round South Western Anatolia in Turkey and stopped at the town of Beyşehir because I wanted to visit the Eşrefoğlu Mosque, renowned for its beautiful tiled interior and cedar wood columns. In the square outside my attention was grabbed by two information panels


describing finds at the excavation site of Kudadabad Palace (a complex of summer residences) which was constructed on the edge of the lake here in the 13th century. What had drawn my eye were the images of the tiles. Years ago I had seen these images in a magazine and cut them out intending to use them in a collage at some point in the future. There was no information accompanying the images and I had no idea that they were Turkish and here they were in front of my eyes! The tiles now reside in the safekeeping of the Katay museum in Konya which unfortunately we weren’t able to visit as we weren’t stopping in Konya. However a search on Google revealed a collection of photos of these tiles. These are the 3 ATC’s I made using the images I had found.


Don’t you just love it when something like that happens?



Comments on: "Friday Finds – a case of Serendipity" (2)

  1. What synchronicity….do you know what the images symbolize? Perhaps there’s a message for you. Beautiful ATCs Carol!

    • The subjects of the tiles include humans, birds and animals both real and fantastic. The images on my ATCs are of birds. Maybe there is a message in there somewhere for me. I was just amazed to be able to identify the origins of the tiles after all these years.

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