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Cheri Lucas of the Daily Post has this to say about Community:
“When I think of this word, I imagine all sorts of scenes: A family sitting and chatting in a living room. Crowds gathering in squares to watch a holiday tree lighting. Or even some of the spaces on the web that I frequently visit, like The Daily Post.

But community doesn’t necessarily conjure up images of people. I took the image above on a recent layover in Seoul, South Korea, in a mall complex in Insadong. I noticed a communal wall of thousands of trinket and ornament-like offerings, many with scribbled messages. The place was cheery and welcoming, and I could imagine all the people who’d walked this path before — their stories, their relationships, their hopes and dreams.”

foreign tourists pose for a group photo at Pamukkale

the only way to keep warm when it’s cold



votive messages in Penang

a side street cafe in Penang

preparations for the Hungry Ghost festival in Penang

finalists in the Miss Malaysia global beauty contest in Penang
the prayer wall at the house of the Virgin Mary near Ephesus, Turkey


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  1. Great community Article ,Thanks for sharing my friend 🙂

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