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I’ve only just discovered Sonel’s Corner blog and her photo-editing challenges. I couldn’t resist jumping in to play in this challenge as it combines my love of nature and of photo-editing.


original image blended with Pixel Dust Photo Art’s ‘unfolding’ texture


I added a mask to this image, blended it with dissolve and added the text


I used the poster edges filter on this image, added Kim Klassen’s texture 2110 blended with darken

I used Picasa’s collage function to create this image combining several photos of sunflowers


wild fennel sky01-Jills moon fabric texture overlay copy
I blended this image with the photo of a piece of fabric one of my internet friends made


Comments on: "Photo-editing challenge: Nature" (5)

  1. These are just beautiful Steve and I love your edits. Thank you for taking part. 😀

    Please just do me a favour and change the link to : as I have my challenge on a seperate blog and then post the link to your entry on that post in the comments section.

    Much appreciated. Thanks. 😀

    • PS: Sorry, I have no idea why I called you Steve – my apologies. Must be getting old. LOL!
      Thanks again for changing the link and it’s really interesting to see how you did the edits. Fantastic! 😀

  2. The edit with the tree and the sky is GREAT! I really like it.
    I entered this challenge as well. Check mine out on my blog

  3. I like the one with the piece of fabric.

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