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We recently visited the Turkish sector of the divided city of Nicosia/Lefkosa in Cyprus. An unusual art form is practised here: the creation of pictures using silk worm cocoons

201312060089_Lefkosa-silkworm-cocoons copy

201312060088_Lefkosa-silkworm-cocoon-collage copy

Nicosia/Lefkosa (Nicosia is the Greek name and Lefkosa is the Turkish name) is unique in that it is the only (apparently) existing divided and occupied city with the UN holding the limbo section in the middle. At the crossing point is this sculpture.

201312060082_Nicosia-peace-monument copy

It’s easy to cross from one part of the city to another but you have to go through passport control on both sides each time. I am always struck by how different the two sides are. The Greek side (perhaps due to its EU membership) is much more modern, affluent (and expensive) while the Turkish side retains an older, timeless quality. But both sides have their charm and some very interesting buildings – still to be explored.


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  1. I did not realize this – very interesting! Happy traveling in 2014!

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