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travel theme: possibility

Ailsa’s theme is POSSIBILITY

The day is full of possibility for these cats

201312060077_Nicosia-young-cats copy
what shall we do today?

Go away I’m trying to sleep

I’m going to sit on my lofty perch and watch the world go by

20131210_9284_Nicosia-ginger-cats copy
a spot of sunbathing is in order here

20131020_8580_Kas-cat copy
what’s for lunch?

200809210179_Nobressart-cat-in-veil copy
I’m getting married in the morning

201007190337_grey-cat copy
tickle my tummy?

Did you say ‘move’?

201108040014_4-hungry-cats copy
the nec plus ultra of possibility in this painting by Beryl Cook

Possibility can be interpreted in so many different ways. Unfortunately it is not possible for me to visit all the wonderful entries on this subject but you might possibly have the time!


Comments on: "travel theme: possibility" (1)

  1. I love the first photo, they look like long eared temple cats!

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