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Cee’s latest fun photo challenge was to walk 100 steps or less and take new photos. I was on holiday at the time so these photos were taken from within 100 steps of our beach bungalow.

10 paces took me to the sea’s edge.


To the right of the bungalow was the garden planted with lush greenery – spider lilies,


the architectural fans of palm leaves,


giant climbing lianas with huge variegated leaves and bulging aerial root systems,


and angel wing plants – nature’s Valentines.


To the left of the bungalow was an area of uncultivated land separating the half of the resort we were staying in, from the main area with its reception, restaurant and pool areas. As I walked down the lane at the back of our bungalow I came across a huge spider’s web with a fearsome yellow and black specimen watching over it. The spider’s body was about 2 inches long and the legs about 4 inches.


A young tree with shiny green foliage had small white flowers and green fruit which look, in their early growth, like overgrown blackberries. As they mature, they enlarge to about egg size and take on a jelly-like appearance, almost transparent. I call this a Star Trek tree because such hideous fruit look as if they could only have been invented by aliens. Later on they will fall off the tree and squash unpleasantly beneath one’s feet.


Carefully looking where I was going – in case there were snakes or other unpleasant creatures waiting to pounce – I noticed a very small shrine at the foot of a tall tree with small leaves. Usually Bho trees are venerated with such shrines but I know that many of the trees in Thailand are considered to have spiritual attributes. This shrine – just a small platform – contained a bronze bell, a couple of seated bronze figures, a small lotus-shaped pottery bowl, a pile of cloth and a figure of man sitting on a horse, wearing a military uniform and sporting an impressive plumed helmet. Discarded figures of pink plastic with green glitter on them lay abandoned to one side.



Comments on: "Cees fun photo challenge: 100 steps" (4)

  1. Love these Carol and that spider is magnificent! Did you identify it?

  2. I really like your first shot with the shadow. Your photos are all great for this week’s challenge. Thanks for playing!

  3. Blimey that spider is the stuff of nightmares!

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