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Since Friday is Valentine’s day it seems fitting to share some Valentine images. It is always an occasion for splashing out on something colourful in Samui.




Comments on: "Friday finds: Valentine Samui style" (1)

  1. Nice post. Valentine’s Day is quite a big deal in KOrea too (where I live), adn they’ve even added another day a month later called White Day which is the same thing (On Valentine’s Day women give a goft to men, on White Day it’s reversed).

    I’ve been to Thailand several times and sometimes blog about Thailand too (from a humorous angle), and I’m always looking to connect with other bloggers who share similar interests. Please drop by Sweet Pickles and Corn if you have a minute. My most recent post is a tongue-in-cheek look at the things that I don’t like about Thailand (because I wasnt able to be there this winter and am stuck at home reading about my friends’ trips on facebook). Cheers!

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