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Back in my home town of Bristol in the UK a couple of weeks ago, I went on a walk through historic Cotham, Kingsdown and finally into Stokes Croft, where I found this beautifully painted house


and these lamp posts which had been subjected to a “yarn attack” (The activity of covering things in public spaces (e.g. lampposts, trees, statues etc.) with knitted or crocheted items)


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Comments on: "Friday finds: the painted house" (6)

  1. I didn’t know you live in Bristol, we’re nearly neighbours!

  2. I want a house that looks like this!

  3. I love yarn bombing, it’s very popular up in the mountains where I used to live. I guess those trees and lamposts get cold up there 🙂

  4. Two great artistic finds. I’ve heard of “yarn bombing” before but have not actual seen it in real life.

  5. Wow great image of the house, we live in Taunton and visit Bristol regularly maybe we could meet up some time..

  6. Beautiful house, Carol!

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