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sometimes, if you’re feeling particularly brain-dead, it’s fun to let an online photo editor do all the work for you. This collage of lotus flowers was produced at using my own photos


but if you’re up to the challenge, you might like to experiment




Comments on: "Photo Art Friday: collage" (8)

  1. Very cool work – I especially love the lotus flowers – I keep looking at it and finding new pockets of beauty…

  2. The flowers work really well!

  3. Bonnie said:

    They are both lovely, but I favour the tones, composition and graphics of the latter.

  4. Really different. When I first opened your blog and saw the first collage, my first thought was ~ so different and how did you do that…thanks for the answer and link. May have to visit. The second one is lovely also. Love the blues in it. 🙂

  5. interesting way of doing it. Much easier then my Guarded Magnolias. 🙂 You wanted to know how I did it. I tried to do it in a psot in Bildverkstan. If you like you can take a look.

  6. These are both great. I may need to check that link out. The flowers are really pretty. I liked your experiment piece as well.

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