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At the beginning of every month Kat of the Kat Eye Studio suggests we go back through our photos for the previous month to see if there is one that really speaks to our heart.

Wikipedia describes Street art as “an umbrella term defining forms of visual art created in public locations, usually unsanctioned artwork executed outside of the context of traditional art venues. The term gained popularity during the graffiti art boom of the early 1980s and continues to be applied to subsequent incarnations”.

It is a form of art that is still gaining popularity and, increasingly, is created to fulfill a commission, in order to enliven what would otherwise be an ugly blank wall or surface. Such works of art, thankfully, tend to attract less graffiti (the ugly, destructive kind).
A couple of weeks ago I came across this piece painted on the side of a house in Picton Street, Bristol, UK.


A small plaque nearby indicates that it was created to commemorate the passing of the artist’s father. Apart from camouflaging what would otherwise be a rather ugly blank wall, I think this is a wonderful tribute to a much-treasured father.



Comments on: "Photo-Heart connection: April 2014" (5)

  1. Yes, I agree that’s very special.

  2. That’s quite remarkable. I’ve never seen anything like it. With your posting of it here, that artist’s tribute to his father has now been shared farther than he probably ever imagined.

  3. What a great find… Truly a wonderful tribute by the artist.

  4. I love well done street art.

  5. This is a wonderful find and beautifully captured!

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