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Many people visiting Vietnam head up to Halong Bay for what they hope will be the trip of a lifetime around Halong Bay. We went in early March and met with grey skies, rain and wind. Although I have rendered this photo in black and white it is not so far from the original colours that we saw

Halong bay, Vietnam

this is actually a colour photo of an early stormy morning in Alanya, Turkey

Robbers’ bridge, Exmoor, Devon, UK

Weir walk, Oare valley, Exmoor

Lynmouth beach

These last three were shot in black and white as I was experimenting with black and white photography on this particular holiday

Sharing with Sunday Stills – landscapes in black and white


Comments on: "Sunday Stills: black and white landscape" (3)

  1. This is interesting because whenever I’ve tried black and white landscapes in England I find the results flat but yours are good.

  2. all are so beautiful – I find it hard to work in b&w – esp love the halong bay. I tell people who are going for a visit that it is a beautiful place in the sunshine – but don’t be too upset if it rains as this too creates a very unique scene.

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