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On the coast road out of Yalıkavak going towards Gümüşlük is a small cafe cum restaurant called the Limon. It’s situated on the hillside looking out to sea. A path leading down to the coast will take you down the archeological excavations of Myndos.


Set in a large garden area seating is provided in the form of big squashy sofas and armchairs. Here you can admire the view at any time of day, although the sunsets are probably the best!




On a recent visit there we found these glass-covered table tops made from bits of crockery that had been broken in the restaurant.



There are other quirky decorative elements too




It’s the perfect spot for a


Comments on: "Friday Finds: Limon cafe" (7)

  1. Thoughts from the Desktop said:

    What a lovely place to stop for a cuppa…

  2. LOVE this Carol!

  3. Suzanne said:

    What a wonderfully creative place and the view of the Greek Islands is just so beautiful. Having a cafe break there must be invigorating.

  4. what a wonderful cafe – would love to sit and have a cup of coffee there!

  5. Good shout – will give it a try soon. Thanks

  6. Great. View of sunset, but Menu sparse and staff not very friendly.

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