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Entrances and gateways are designed to make an impact on the visitor:


entrances to Kykkos monastery, southern Cyprus

entrance to one of the temples in ancient Efes (Ephesus), Turkey

entrance to the great library, Efes, Turkey

Lycian tombs, half way up the cliff face, at Dalyan, Turkey

facade and main entrance to the cathedral/mosque in Famagusta, southern Cyprus (the cathedral was converted into a mosque with the addition of a minaret, the removal of the stained glass windows which were replaced with transparent geometric patterned windows, and the removal of all the pews to allow for carpets to be put on the floor

entrance to part of the Sala Kaeo Kou statuary garden, Thailand

on the way from Bikaner to Mandawa in India, we drove past this rather garish temple entrance

entrance gate to Jaipur, India

Visit Sunday Stills to see more wonderful entrances and gateways from other bloggers around the world.

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  1. Great travel shots!

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