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Welcome to Where Bloggers Create 2014, hosted by Karen Valentine, a blog event encouraging us to visit each other’s creative spaces around the world.

My creative space hasn’t changed much since I participated in WBC a couple of years ago except that it seems to have accumulated more clutter! I can never bear to throw anything away just in case it might come in useful.

My creative space in 2012

However, the view from my window has changed since we did some major re-working in the garden. What was a lawn where no grass grew, because the soil was less than 10 inches deep, has been replaced with hip-high raised beds made out of the local travertine marble. These have been planted with roses, bougainvillaea and geraniums.




gifts made by my talented sister displayed on the shelf above my desk

Some of my recent creations:









TT-thistleheads copy-bw




In the autumn I will be getting a new studio. This is what it looks like at the moment. Although the built-in cupboards will be very handy for storing (squirrelling away) my stash, it’s very ugly. I would welcome any suggestions as to what I could do to make it more attractive. At this stage I don’t think I’ll rip it out, I would prefer to live with it for a while before doing anything drastic.




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  1. Wow! What a space! My creative space is which ever couch I manage to sit on to write. My travels are committed to memory for that time. I adore your art work

  2. I love your digital art, especially the first one!

    • thank you. I’ve used this image for the poster advertising the exhibition I’m having with a friend of mine today, in some wine cellars on the Moselle, as part of the “open doors” held by 7 or 8 wine cellars for the wine festival. It’s a composite of one of my photos of thistles and a photo I took of part of one of her woven wall hangings

  3. […] Source: where bloggers create 2014 […]

  4. Those builtins look like they have laminate on them. Maybe paint them a light color to blend with the walls?

  5. Your work is beautiful. Your space looks beautiful. Just paint them. There’s lots of ideas on Pinterest. You’ll be inspired! Thanks for sharing your beautiful space and view.

  6. creativehomeexpressions said:

    Wow, creativity runs in your family! Your sister is just as talented. What a great view. Your new space will be great. I think a coat of paint will help those built-ins tremendously. I’m sure you’ll also get lots of ideas from the creative spaces being shared today and on Pinterest, as Grantham said.

  7. Maureen Hayes said:

    I know it has been said before, but it agree, paint the cupboards and that will instantly give the room a lift.

  8. Do you like color or the clean, crispness of white? That is where you start. Go to Ikea, The Container Store, websites that sell different types of storage and make a Pinterest board of what you like. Biggest thing, don’t rush it because you then spend money on things that don’t work for you. Your space is wonderful because of all the natural light.
    Your digital art is fabulous! Very inspiring. My favorite is the woman with the cherry bloosoms which rally do look as though they were hand painted on.

  9. Your work is stunning! Your space has such wonderful light! I would paint the built ins a neutral to keep in with the light airy feel. They are charming and look like you have a lot of storage space in them. Thanks so much for sharing with us and best of luck on bringing your space together.


  10. What a fabulous view you have!!! I’d be gazing out there all the time!!! As far as the built-ins… Paint them girlfriend!!! Most of my furniture pieces came from Goodwill or the like and fresh coat of paint is a miracle. If you dont like all the prep work, Annie Sloan paint is the way to go. It’s so much for user friendly than latex and even though its expensive it goes a long way! Anyway, those are my two cents!! LOL! Thanks for joining the party!!

  11. You are very talented. Those cabinets will look amazing with a coat of paint. Thanks for sharing!

  12. your garden and view from it is lovely, what dream place to draw and sip coffee.
    And your art prints are really nice, I especially love the one on top (the seed pod).
    Nice space for work!

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