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Friday Finds: Arlon

On the first Sunday of every month from March to November, the Belgian town of Arlon plays host to a flea market that takes over the streets in and around the main square and the Belvedere. The vendors range from ordinary families having a clear-out to dealers of top notch antiques with plenty of mid-range oddballs in between. What I like about it is that you never know what you might come across. Last Sunday was no exception. There is a shop in the main square which deals in prints, wooden typographical elements, African masks and miscellaneous oddities. On the stall he’d set up in front of his shop was this glorious golden shrine.


close-up of the door panel

The shrine was about 40cm high and 30cm wide. When I unlocked the door there was quite a large gilded chamber inside it.
I asked the vendor if he knew anything about its provenance. He replied that he’d been told by the person he bought it from that it was probably Russian.

If anyone can shed any light on this beautiful object, I’d love to hear from you.

a mythical beast (one of several) painted on a brick wall above a window

a charming house front – I love the angel above the front door

2 floral art nouveau ceramic tiled plaques

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Comments on: "Friday Finds: Arlon" (5)

  1. Thoughts from the Desktop said:

    Love the angel and the doorway…

  2. I miss seeing the artful architecture of Europe. The market sounds so fun.

  3. A town of treasures!

  4. amazing details… lovely finds….

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