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Even if we didn’t manage to descend to the bottom of St Patrick’s well in Orvieto, Italy my glasses did. I leaned out to take a photo looking down the well and my camera jogged against my glasses knocking them off. I watched, horrified, as they bounced off the window ledge and then down into the void over 100 metres below…. We were at the beginning of our day’s outing and still had places to go. To make matters worse on our return to the hotel, when I put my spare pair of glasses on one of the lenses fell out of its frame. It was a public holiday just before a weekend and it was 3 days before I could get them repaired. Of such joys is life made!


the cascate delle marmore at nearby Terni

the chairlift down to Gubbio


descent from Schafberg, Austria

When I was looking for suitable images for this challenge, although I found lots looking up various staircases, I had none looking down. I wonder why that is. Note to self – must take the occasional shot looking down a staircase

How did you interpret this week’s challenge?

Comments on: "weekly photo challenge: descent" (3)

  1. Oh dear what a pity about your glasses! Great photos though 🙂

  2. poppytump said:

    Oh no ! Ive endless problems with glasses too 😉 I bet there are a thousand and one things that have bounced and made their way down that well unexpectedly .
    Love your photo selection Carol .. just thinking those chairlifts look more like cages !

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