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Much of Northern Cyprus is taken up by a mountain range and the flat plain forming the coastal strip is fairly narrow. The main road runs parallel to the coast so you are never very far from the sea.


The coastline is rocky for the most part with a few sandy beaches used by the nesting turtles but the rocks provide some interesting formations both on the beaches and in the cliffs.


A new coastal footpath us currently under construction, providing a walk-with-a-view, accessible to all. Eventually it will run much further than its present couple of kilometres and is supposed to include a sea bridge at some point.


Inland, in the villages there are a number of old Greek churches, sadly abandoned although mercifully not completely vandalised. The cool, whitewashed interiors are devoid of furniture and decoration and only the pigeons and sparrows sing songs there.


the chapel of St Evlalios at Alsancak

the monastery in the occupied zone at Alsancak

interesting lighting, it looks as if it’s spilling down over the mountains

poinsettia in full bloom

a belated sharing with Travel Photo Mondays


Comments on: "out and about in Northern Cyprus" (4)

  1. You certainly get to some fascinating places. The photos of the old churches are very interesting and that sun burst is like rays of hope. Beautiful.

  2. I’ve never been but how interesting it looks! love the light beam shot.

  3. […] out and about in Northern Cyprus […]

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