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Photoku: whisper-sparkle


diamond sparkles
on winter’s frozen landscape
Spring whisper’d melting

my first attempt at creating a photoku (a visual representation of a written haiku). This week’s haiku had to contain the words ‘whisper’ and ‘sparkle’. The images are all mine.


Comments on: "Photoku: whisper-sparkle" (6)

  1. Oh, awesome! This is beautiful! I really love it.

    Was looking at similar ice/snow today — it’s so beautiful when you call it “diamond sparkles” — I’ve been thinking of it as “porcupine snow”! LOL

    Your photos are absolutely gorgeous — and what an elegant haiku. Nicely done!
    And — welcome to Photoku! 😀

  2. How amazing, I’ve never heard of this idea but its the (difficult) opposite of what I do with my lazy poets Thursday haiku!

  3. […] do you call this kind of snow? I only have a bad photo from under a street light, but Traveler 2006 calls it “diamond sparkles”. […]

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