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This is a new challenge for me: take one image and edit it four ways and post one edit per week. It’s up to you whether you share the original image or not.
First contribution – a kaleidoscopic image


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Comments on: "One Four challenge February: week 1" (10)

  1. Welcome to the challenge. Glad youre joining us.
    An interesting beginning… Do love a kaleidoscope!

  2. Intriguing, would love to see the original.

  3. Most intriguing – I, too, would love to see where you started from…

  4. Great experiment. Is it a type of orchid?

    • good guess but not quite right. You’ll have to wait until the end of the month to see the original. I was going to do the kaleidoscope at the end but I’m travelling with limited internet access and needed to do something quick and easy

  5. I was thinking of something similar for my later edits and you beat me to it. Oh well. I would love to see the original image for comparison.

  6. Love the kaleidoscope. Can’t wait to see the original. Is it a flower?

  7. lensaddiction said:

    I used to have a kalidescope as a kid, kept me happy for hours 🙂 Im guessing the original is a flower?

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