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I’m enjoying Jennifer’s weekly challenge based on colours. I’m also finding they challenge my perceptions of colour. What’s in a name you might ask? Well, in previous weeks Saffron looked like mustard to me; Indigo was definitely purple not the blue I expected and Strawberry was much too pink for my liking. I see red when my husband sees orange, green when he sees blue, etc. I think I must be one of those females whose colour-perception is out of kilter with everyone else’s (yes, such people do exist).

I wasn’t sure I even had any bittersweet photos in my archives …..

a brash one


a couple of muted ones

I’m sure this one fits the bill in more ways than one.


Comments on: "One word photo challenge: bittersweet" (4)

  1. I love that teapot! Your color perception seems fine to me!

  2. Your bittersweet finds are perfect. I love seeing how everyone’s interpretations of color vary throughout this challenge. It’s something I didn’t realize was so different from person to person before now. Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. I love that Alladin’s lamp!

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