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Nothing automated about these old wooden looms, apparently still in good working order




and the colours of the silk were so vivid.

The fabric being woven will eventually be made into a woman’s longyi, a tube of fabric that acts like a skirt worn by men and women. Men in Sri Lanka also wear them. A woman is supposed to step into hers and a man should put his on over his head. Weaving a length of fabric for a longyi – usually 2 metres long and about 80cm wide – can take a month or longer, especially if the design is particularly complicated. This explains why the silk ones are so expensive.

“Men who cannot read are like the blind; women who cannot weave are like the cripple”
—an old Burmese saying at a time when every household had a handloom and the women wove all the longyis for the family


Comments on: "Friday Finds: silk weaving in Myanmar" (6)

  1. They must treasure their clothes when its so labour intensive to make them.

  2. beautiful photos carol! and you do get what you pay for : )

  3. that is so interesting

  4. Wonderful captures with fantastic colours for FF. If you like to visit my Friday Finds you see this in my Post:

    Cheers, Heidrun

  5. A very lovely post…a nice look at a different part of the world.

  6. Very beautiful!

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