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Texture Tuesday: if only

I’ve used Kim’s If Only texture and reduced the opacity.
This abandoned Christian church is in the village of Yesilkoy in the Karpaz area of Northrn Cyprus. Northern and Southern Cyprus are still a long way away from unification and feelings run deep on both sides. I used this particular texture with the stitching because it’s a way of healing wounds. If only …..


Comments on: "Texture Tuesday: if only" (3)

  1. I look and say wanna go back to the green country home where we used to play. As days keep moving away so do the ancient buildings in my town. I wish we had laws to protect them for the nostalgic aura around them. This really great shot

  2. The Cyprus situation is very sad isn’t it. I suspect that many holiday visitors to the south are not aware of it. It’s a lot easier to cross the border nowadays though. Such a beautiful country. If you are interested, I have blogged about my photographic adventures in Cyprus on my website . I hope you might enjoy them. Thanks for your interesting post I’m now a new follower 🙂

  3. I gave you the general blog link. Here is a link direct to the Cyprus page –
    We stumbled across an abandoned Turkish town in the south of Cyprus, New buildings had not reached there yet. The whole island needs stronger planning laws I think. Thanks again for your post.

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