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there are so many motorcyclists in Hanoi that it would be difficult not to capture at least one of them in motion! Invariably they zoom into your field of view just as you depress the shutter ….

judging by the size of the pot he’s carrying, this lad is moving in slow motion, maybe?



where food is being sold or prepared there is always motion

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Comments on: "DP photo challenge: Hanoi in motion" (3)

  1. What’s going on in the little group on plastic stools?

    • the Vietnamese eat on the street. This little group is clustered around a miniature table. The vendor in the centre of the photo has brought along his yoked baskets of edibles (which you only just see in the background) and the potential diners are making their choices

  2. heatherann1974 said:

    Your photos are amazing

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