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It’s interesting to see how often the image of the sun turns up in so many places ….





and who could resist the glorious ebullience of a field of sunflowers. The name in French is Tournesol and in Italian Girasole, both of which mean ‘turning towards the sun’ – how romantic!

Sharing with Jennifer and other sun lovers

Comments on: "One word photo challenge: sun" (4)

  1. I agree! And these are such wonderful captures. I’m amazed by how many suns you have saved up. I love the painted one on the side of the house!

  2. Reblogged this on L .OV. E. UNTITLED and commented:
    Another great post I found from the blog It’s Not What you Look At But What You See-Thoreau. I love the Sun imagery in art, its an instant mood lifter and the pictures this blogger took and posted is just that-a great mood lifter! Thanks a lot!

    Check it out!

    LoveUntitled @_@

  3. I love the variety and ideas.

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