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Travel theme: hats

Hats in Luxembourg’s Street Art Animation festival


hat made out of a water lily leaf in Sri Lanka



girl making a “poem” hat in Hue, Vietnam. Called “poem” hats because when they are held up to the light you can see a picture in the hat

these very young boys and girls are about to undergo the initiation ceremony to become monks and nuns at Ananda Paya, Bagan, Myanmar

woman in tribal headgear, Myanmar

Sharing with other hat lovers and Ailsa

Comments on: "Travel theme: hats" (5)

  1. The waterlily hat is so cool!

  2. Aside from the hats these shots are great studies of humanity.

  3. Great pictures. Amazing travels..

  4. Wonderful hat photos. Love the ‘poem hat’. The portraits are also fascinating.

  5. poppytump said:

    Hats all a little out of the ordinary ! Brilliant .

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