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Like Michelle I always have a camera with me – I never know when photographic inspiration will strike and I like to be prepared.

Earlier this year we went to Myanmar. We to flew to Yangon and then on to Bagan. From there we took the proverbial slow boat to Mandalay. We flew from Mandalay to Heho to visit Lake Inle and then flew back to Mandalay. In between flights there were plenty of sights to see on the way:



arrival by boat at our hotel

Part of our trip involved staying on the lake Inle where we had to travel by long-tailed boat to get to our hotel. Apart from seeing other long tail boats, the local fishermen obligingly posed, balanced on one leg, for photos with their cone-shaped fishing nets


an unposed shot of the lake fishermen

monk transport

prawn cracker delivery

dragon fruit farm

irrigating a garlic field by hand using a shovel shaped tool to lift the water out of the channel and tip it over the young plants

a road construction worker

ricefields at Inle

most homes in the country seemed to have a couple of bullocks in the yard

winnowing grain

basket vendor in Heho

Do you shoot photos on the way or wait until you arrive at your destination?

Comments on: "DP weekly photo challenge: on the way" (3)

  1. Both! And I particularly like travel photography when the images you capture are as different from home as yours!

  2. what a culture rich post this is – and the second photo down has so much joy to it – also the cracker delivery – never saw anything like that before – nice on the way shots.

  3. I love to take photos on the way and will stop to find beauty along the trip. Your photos are wonderful and I love that you show the life of the people. Very nice!

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