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You may have heard of the “Pop-Up” phenomenon. Usually it refers to temporary restaurants or temporary shops but it’s increasingly being used for other activities.
Walking along Bristol’s Park Row this summer, my sister and I passed a small building which houses public toilets. The building hasn’t been used for this purpose for some time, although the pervading smell would indicate to the contrary. On the day we walked past we were surprised to discover that a life drawing class was taking place in the gents’ toilet!


Unable to resist a challenge, in we went and sat down for half an hour or so to sketch the seated model. Although my sister has been attending life drawing classes I hadn’t attempted any such thing for more years than I care to remember. However, I did my best and confined myself to drawing the negative space around the model (and no, I’m not sharing my drawing, since you ask).


The Ladies toilets were being used as an exhibition space



As you can see, the original fixtures and fittings are still in place but the invading greenery may take over in the not too distant future. After admiring some of the artwork, we left a contribution towards the purchase of some supplies to be used in similar endeavours in the future. It was definitely an interesting location for an art class and we applauded the initiative of the two girls who had organised it.

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  1. This really made me smile. Whatever will they think of next? 🙂

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