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I’ve been published!

TT-thistleheads copy-bw

At the beginning of June 2015 I took part in the 5th annual Exposure competition. Much to my surprise and delight one of my images was chosen to feature in a special exhibition of digital art in the Louvre on 13th July in the Art Photography Collection. If you scroll down to my image and then click on it you can then see the other images I submitted.

That photograph has now been included in the book that has been produced to celebrate this year’s competition, my image is on page 27. The book will soon go on sale to the general public and net proceeds from the sales will go to the charity Pencils of Promise.

Until 26 August 2015 the book will be on sale at the disounted price of $53, after which the price will be increased to $78.

Comments on: "I’ve been published!" (7)

  1. Congratulations!

  2. That’s wonderful. Congrats. Lovely image! 🙂

  3. Well done, that’s fab!

  4. Congratulations carol – this is so exciting. And I LOVE the image they selected. And the Louvre OH MY GOSH – you should be feel so proud!!!

  5. Wonderful! Great image.

  6. How wonderful. Congratulations,

  7. Oh Carol, that is really exciting! congratulations. It’s a really great image!!!

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