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Early in 2013 we spent a month touring India, most of the time in Rajasthan. The section of the journey between Udaipur and the Kumbalgarh fortress and thence to Ranakpur was the most special for me, for here we passed through a land that time seemed to have forgotten. Water was drawn up from wells by oxen and women collected  and carried water in pots that they carried on their heads. We passed arid hills covered with thorn bushes, lowland areas in the river valleys bright green with early crops and here and there splashes of colour from the saris of the women working in the fields.

















Comments on: "DP weekly photo challenge: landscape" (6)

  1. beautiful…amazing scenery!!

  2. Interesting photos, and great landscapes. It looks like the people work very hard to make a living.

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  4. Fantastic Carol, India stays with you doesn’t it?

  5. poppytump said:

    You’ve brought home just how many of us take the simple act of turning a tap for fresh water for granted ….
    Wonderful set of *faraway travel pictures Carol . Quite a trip by the looks of it … the landscape seems to go on forever !

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