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travel theme: refreshing

water buffalo taking a refreshing dip in the sea

the elephants at the Pinnewala sanctuary in Sri Lanka get a daily dip too

a walk on the beach will blow a few cobwebs away

iced coffee on the beach

maybe you’d prefer a hot cup of Java

Luang Prabang

the sight of a field of red poppies is always uplifting

as is watching the dancers at a local folk festival

What refreshes you? Is it the sight/sound of water in some form? Is it a drink? a change of scenery?

sharing Ailsa’s travel theme

Comments on: "travel theme: refreshing" (5)

  1. that water buffalo is wonderful! love the poppies too

  2. I’d be happy in any of these places right now!

  3. Wonderful gallery! Iced coffee on the beach would be very acceptable. 🙂

  4. Beautiful pictures! Love the poppies, they are among my favourite flowers.

  5. I love the poppies and the water buffalo – truly uplifting! But a cup of iced coffee wouldn’t go astray either…

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