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Travel theme: exits

An entrance is always followed by an exit. This week no-one can be unaware of the unprecedented exit by the UK from the European Union, prompting Ailsa’s choice of the theme of EXIT this week.

the exit (and entrance) to the inner chamber of the great pyramid in Giza. It’s a difficult climb/descent as you have to bend nearly double and it’s a couple of hundred metres

painting depicting the flight of the holy family from Egypt, in the Coptic Church in Cairo

making our exit from Cairo via one of the tunnels in rush hour

sunset in Luxor

migratory flight of birds in search of more hospitable climes

Comments on: "Travel theme: exits" (3)

  1. I don’t think I’d be abel to straighten up again if I went inside the pyramid!

    • no, it was pretty uncomfortable.At least we could stand up when we finally came into the central chamber but then we had to bend down to get out again

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