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There is something intensely appealing to me about abandoned buildings. Apart from the fact that I find beauty in decay there are always unanswerable questions – who lived there, what were their lives like, what inspired them to build the building and why in this particular place?

The original photo was converted to a watercolour image

the same original photo was converted to a pencil sketch

the two resulting images were then combined

and given a different colour cast

This was the original photo

20160313_6199_abandoned building
this is a larger view of the same building – unifinished – I suspect it was going to be a hotel and the owners simply ran out of money to complete the project

Which one do you prefer?

Inspired by Sally Donatello

Comments on: "Sally D’s mobile photography challenge: editing a photo with apps" (6)

  1. A very nice set of images that reveal the number of ways an image can be changed by a conversion. I especially enjoyed the combination of pencil sketch and watercolor, which almost became an animated image. Happy Photo Challenge.

  2. Love the water colour edit. 🙂

  3. The water colour is my favourite, it’s beautiful Carol!

  4. I enjoyed them all, but I think I like the watercolor edit best, too.


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