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Travel theme: sound

Some years ago we visited a sound installation, called “Harmonic Fields” in Dorset. If/when the wind blew the various “instruments” suspended on wires were supposed to reverberate or make a sound. Unfortunately on the day we visited there was very little wind, but it was still beautiful to look at.



In Myanmar we saw one the largest bells ever cast, I can’t imagine what it might have sound like when struck. As you can see, most people feel the urge to bend down and creep inside the bell and then stand up and touch its interior. I love the girl standing behind my husband, just peeking out with a cheeky grin on her face.


These smaller bells, hung around the eaves of a temple in Thailand, were much easier to hear.



This is a print by a friend of mine entitled “bouche à l’oreille” which could be loosely translated as “gossip”

Find out what “sound” means to Ailsa and co.

Comments on: "Travel theme: sound" (4)

  1. What a lovely post to reach first of all Carol . I’d love to hear those Thai bells ! Imagine no wind … I guess some people must have enjoyed them in the breeze/ wind at some point .

    • The little bells are lovely, especially when there are lots of them all tinkling together. I always think bells sound beautiful. Did either of you read about the theft of the bells from a church in the UK recently? So sad and it must have been well planned in advance because church bells are not light.

  2. The big bell must have been incredible when it rang, and must weigh several tons!

  3. Sounds wonderful!!!

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