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Here are a few macro photos I took of a yellow goat’s beard seed head, Tragopogon Pratensis (aka Meadow Salsify and Jack go to bed at noon) and a thistle. I loved the golden colours and the way the seeds shone in the sunlight.






They were taken with an Iphone 6S with in the in-phone camera. I decided not to edit them in any way as they are beautiful in their own right.

See Sally’s original post and links to other beautiful macro shots here.

Comments on: "Sally Ds-mobile-photography-challenge-macro" (3)

  1. Welcome back, lovely to have your participation. All your captures have their individual charm. Spent flower are such intriguing parts of a floral’s life cycle. They certainly have their own beauty. Happy Photo Challenge.

  2. Love them all Carol. My favourite is the third of the wind blown thistles glistening against the blue sky. Stunning!

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