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Travel theme: naughty or nice

Naughty or nice, that is Ailsa’s question …. and challenge this week


I think this shot, taken in Arlon’s flea market, definitely qualifies for naughty.


What do you think of this one?

Which did you choose?

word a week photo challenge: mural

A mural is any piece of artwork painted or applied directly on a wall, ceiling or other large permanent surface. A distinguishing characteristic of mural painting is that the architectural elements of the given space are harmoniously incorporated into the picture. (Wikipedia)

a climbing wall in Hamburg


work in progress, in London’s Portobello Road

St Basil, Goreme open air museum, Cappadocia, Turkey

the beautiful, painted interior of the Jesuits church in Vienna

the red room in Helga’s Folly, Sri Lanka

the royal rock temple, Dambulla, Sri Lanka

Sue’s word of the week . Did you share any photos of murals this week?

Friday Finds: Arlon

On the first Sunday of every month from March to November, the Belgian town of Arlon plays host to a flea market that takes over the streets in and around the main square and the Belvedere. The vendors range from ordinary families having a clear-out to dealers of top notch antiques with plenty of mid-range oddballs in between. What I like about it is that you never know what you might come across. Last Sunday was no exception. There is a shop in the main square which deals in prints, wooden typographical elements, African masks and miscellaneous oddities. On the stall he’d set up in front of his shop was this glorious golden shrine.


close-up of the door panel

The shrine was about 40cm high and 30cm wide. When I unlocked the door there was quite a large gilded chamber inside it.
I asked the vendor if he knew anything about its provenance. He replied that he’d been told by the person he bought it from that it was probably Russian.

If anyone can shed any light on this beautiful object, I’d love to hear from you.

a mythical beast (one of several) painted on a brick wall above a window

a charming house front – I love the angel above the front door

2 floral art nouveau ceramic tiled plaques

sharing with fridayfindsbutton2

Collage obsession: handwriting

Sherry, of Collage Obsession, was bemoaning the fact that writing by hand seems to be a lost art so she invited us to share a creation showing handwriting.



the handwritten text in my image is part of a scan of a page from an old poetry book I found in a flea market in Belgium. Many of the pages have poems (in French) copied on to them in painstaking handwritten script. Copying such poems into books was one of the pasttimes of genteel ladies in days gone by. This entry is dated 4 October 1888. The owner of the book was a young lady called Adele and her initials are monogrammed on the cover of the book.

travel theme: possibility

Ailsa’s theme is POSSIBILITY

The day is full of possibility for these cats

201312060077_Nicosia-young-cats copy
what shall we do today?

Go away I’m trying to sleep

I’m going to sit on my lofty perch and watch the world go by

20131210_9284_Nicosia-ginger-cats copy
a spot of sunbathing is in order here

20131020_8580_Kas-cat copy
what’s for lunch?

200809210179_Nobressart-cat-in-veil copy
I’m getting married in the morning

201007190337_grey-cat copy
tickle my tummy?

Did you say ‘move’?

201108040014_4-hungry-cats copy
the nec plus ultra of possibility in this painting by Beryl Cook

Possibility can be interpreted in so many different ways. Unfortunately it is not possible for me to visit all the wonderful entries on this subject but you might possibly have the time!

travel theme: flow

Ailsa, from Where’s my backpack, challenged us to illustrate FLOW

the river Avon flows slowly below the Clifton Suspension bridge, Bristol, UK


going with the flow on a kayak trip on the river Semois in Belgium. This is Cordemois abbey.




boating on the flow of the river in Canterbury

a river of red poppies flows through a cornfield in Provence


the flow of colour in patchwork quilts