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Collage obsession: nature

Collage Obsession‘s last challenge before the summer break was anything nature themed.


One word photo challenge: pink

I was always fascinated by those kaleidoscope toys – the metal tube which you shook and then could look at the pattern produced by a multitude of tiny coloured chips. Then along came mandalas which I love too. This is something in between.


In the pink with Jennifer Nichol

Texture Tuesday: yellow


textured with Kim’s Just a Touch.

If anyone knows what this tree is called, I would love to know. I photographed it in Thailand.


Texture Tuesday 04.02.2014

This week over at Kim Klassen, it’s another free and easy theme


I used Kim’s magic texture 2BL with the screen blend mode and reduced the opacity to 86%.

Photo-editing challenge: Nature

I’ve only just discovered Sonel’s Corner blog and her photo-editing challenges. I couldn’t resist jumping in to play in this challenge as it combines my love of nature and of photo-editing.


original image blended with Pixel Dust Photo Art’s ‘unfolding’ texture


I added a mask to this image, blended it with dissolve and added the text


I used the poster edges filter on this image, added Kim Klassen’s texture 2110 blended with darken

I used Picasa’s collage function to create this image combining several photos of sunflowers


wild fennel sky01-Jills moon fabric texture overlay copy
I blended this image with the photo of a piece of fabric one of my internet friends made

Collage Obsession: haiku poem and illustration


Below is a brief explanation of Haiku which is a Japanese poem
A haiku consists of 3 lines and 17 syllables.
Each line has a set number of syllables see below:
Line 1 – 5 syllables
Line 2 – 7 syllables
Line 3 – 5 syllables
The sky is so blue. 5
The sun is so warm up high. 7
I love the summer. 5
Haiku poems don’t need to rhyme, but for more of a challenge some poets try to rhyme lines 1 and 3. The subject can be anything from nature or from your urban surroundings. Haiku can also be written in the format of 3, 5, 3 syllables.

Visit Collage Obsession to see what other haikus people found or created for themselves and the images they chose to accompany their choice

Texture Tuesday: free n’ easy

This week’s Texture Tuesday’s theme is another free and easy one.


thistleheads – textured with Kim’s 2110 texture


Photo Art Friday 2 August 2013

Photo Art Friday now takes place on the first Friday of every month. This month we were given the option of sharing a piece of flower art using at least one of Bonnie’s textures. I’ve used different filters on this image and have added Bonnie’s texture Soft Reflections to it as well as experimenting with the blending modes which has resulted in:




I added a poster edges filter to the above photo

and blended it with Bonnie’s quartz texture. I love the effect this produced, it looks like a transfer

Collage obsession: summer

Summer for me means fields of sunflowers in southern climes. I love the fact that the French word for sunflower – tournesol, and the Italian – girasole – mean turning towards the sun. On dull days the sunflowers hang their heads but when the sun comes out they are revealed in all their glory.




Collage Obsession hosts a weekly collage challenge – in whatever media we choose. This week the subject was SUMMER.

Texture Tuesday – free and easy edition


Photo textured with Kim’s July 2 texture and craquelure filter applied

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