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WPC: state of mind

Weekly photo challenge

Sometimes, this is how I feel in the morning

ready to take on the world

all set for a journey

ready for mischief


a little light music in the garden

or quiet contemplation

blinded by the light

at the end of the day, a bit ragged around the edges

ready for bed
although I don’t think I would choose to sleep in Vincent Van Gogh’s bed …..

travel theme: entertainment

A few “entertainment” photos from my archives

graffiti/wall art in India

a group of sculptures in Luxembourg’s Place du Théâtre

colourful characters in Beaufort dispensing good will and alcohol

a series of photos from Luxembourg’s annual street art/animation festival





Tutti Frutti



Every couple of years Bristol organises a festival to raise money for the Children’s hospital. Much like the elephant or gorilla parades seen elsewhere in the world Bristol makes use of well known-characters. Blanks are sold to local businesses to be decorated and they are then placed in different locations around the city. A map is provided so that you can visit them all and the figures are of source of entertainment to the children (and adults). In 2013 the theme was Gromit, who features in the cartoons, created in Bristol, called Wallace and Gromit. In 2015 it was the turn of Shaun the lamb (note the play on the words for ‘shorn’).

Travel theme: naughty or nice

Naughty or nice, that is Ailsa’s question …. and challenge this week


I think this shot, taken in Arlon’s flea market, definitely qualifies for naughty.


What do you think of this one?

Which did you choose?

word a week: raindrop



raindrops keep falling on my head …

the Belvedere museum complex in Vienna has thoughtfully provided a large framed mirror so that people can take the perfect selfie with the Upper Belvedere in the background. On the day we visited it was pouring with rain.

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DP-photo challenge: room

Helga’s Folly overlooking the lake in Kandy, Sri Lanka, must be one of the most exotic hotels we’ve visited. At the time we didn’t know it was a hotel or we might have been tempted to stay there. It was created by Helga Desilva Blow Perera, a woman with very eclectic tastes inspired by the 1920’s.









I love the colour and the exuberance of these rooms. Which one would you choose?
Visit some other interiors.

My Buried Treasure

In 2011 Milliande hosted a month-long series of creative art journalling prompts and it was one of the most enjoyable activities I’ve done for a long time. Milliande had put a great deal of time and thought into creating this series of prompts and I’m happy to post it again as part of the Buried Treasure collaboration.

Buried Treasure

Buried Treasure

I have finally completed all 24 days of Milliande’s art journal for January 2011:

Day 1 – the prompt was “zebra up your intro page”

Milliande Art Journal Day 1

Day 2 – the prompt was to create a zendoodle then cut up an enlarged photocopy and use the pieces to create something new

Milliande Art Journal Day 2_Small

Day 3 – carve your own printing blocks and print them. I used a couple of potato halves for my printing blocks

Milliande art journal Day 3

Day 4 – create a face with zebra accents. I had no materials at hand to do this so I used a magazine image

Milliande Art Journal Day 4_Small

Day 5 – create a zebra hand

Milliande Art Journal Day 5

Day 6 – “stripey legs”

Milliande Art Journal Day 6

Day 7 – the prompt was “stripey windows”

Milliande Art Journal Day 7

This is the inside of my window – it’s a digital mandala I created. Afterwards, not shown in this scan, I added the words “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

Milliande Art Journal Day 7 open

Day 8 – vertical journaling. I used one of those crosswords without black squares for the grid. I used purple food colouring for the background and lifted off some of the colour with kitchen paper.

Milliande Art Journal Day 8

Day 9 – layered lines

Milliande art journal Day 9

Day 10 – the prompt was “striped dragonfly”

Milliande Art Journal Day 10

Day 11 – crossword puzzles

Milliande Art Journal Day 11

Day 12 – daily debris – my daily debris consists of bills and endless cups of tea so I used an envelope with a transparent window and stuck on a number of tea bag envelopes, some postage stamps and did some doodling

Milliande Art Journal Day 12

Day 13 – taking lines for a walk – we were supposed to draw lines on the page, without any preconceived idea of what you were going to do, then see what the lines suggested to you. Mine ended up as a sunset landscape with the sky, a range of hills, the greenery of hills and fields and then the sea. I used water colour crayons and the colours are very muted in the scan

Milliande art journal Day 13

Day 14 – mirror mirror

Milliande Art Journal Day 14

Day 15 – Stories of woman

Milliande Art Journal Day 15

Day 16 – favourite number – I had the most difficulty with this one and am not really happy with it but the whole point of art journalling is that you don’t have to create a perfect piece of finished art

Milliande art journal Day 16

Day 17 – the prompt was “plump pears”. I drew them with watercolour crayons and added the “stitching” in black pen so that they would look as if they have been appliqued

Milliande Art Journal Day 17

Day 18 – lettering

Milliande Art Journal Day 18

Day 19 – toy or talisman. Cats are my talismans and I have always had a cat in my life from the age of 5 (although sadly not a cat of my own at the moment)

Milliande Art Journal Day 19

Day 20 – your front door

Milliande art journal Day 20

Day 21 – bonny bluebells. As children we were often taken to the nearest bluebell wood to see the bluebells, the sight of the carpets of blue always filled (and still does) me with joy

Milliande Art Journal Day 21

Day 22 – a favourite day in the life of YOU. This is a depiction of typical day on our holiday in Thailand. The rainy season had not finished and we were deluged with torrential rain for most of the day on most of our days. Serendipitously I found the Emerson quote the day I drew this

Milliande Art Journal Day 22

Day 23 – paper poem – this was supposed to be a found poem but I had no suitable to literature so I created my poem from the Splatt poetry game site ( The words led to the image I created.

Milliande Art Journal Day 23

Day 24 – round and round we go

Milliande Art Journal Day 24

I would have preferred to be able to do these art journal entries in the comfort of my own home with all my art supplies to hand rather than on the move and staying in other people’s houses. However, this forced me to think outside the box and to use whatever I could lay my hands on. I had only used watercolour crayons once before so this was a useful experiment – I must learn to make the colours more substantial. I also found it hard not to want to produce a complete piece of work and to allow myself to experiment and not think too hard. I kept having to remind myself that it was all about experimenting and having fun. I also found that I was less successful with the prompts that didn’t “say” anything to me.

travel theme: unexpected

sheep may safely graze

look carefully at the edges of the bay window. What do you see sticking out at both ends?


a bird in the hand


Snow white and dwarves – Arlon

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daily post: juxtaposition

The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge is ‘juxtaposition’.

A juxtaposition is “the act of placing things side by side, especially for the purpose of comparison or contrast”

This chapel is a specially created installation in the Museum of Modern Art (Mudam) in Luxembourg.






If you look very carefully you will see that the images that make up the stained glass windows are x-rays of parts of the human body.

travel theme: possibility

Ailsa’s theme is POSSIBILITY

The day is full of possibility for these cats

201312060077_Nicosia-young-cats copy
what shall we do today?

Go away I’m trying to sleep

I’m going to sit on my lofty perch and watch the world go by

20131210_9284_Nicosia-ginger-cats copy
a spot of sunbathing is in order here

20131020_8580_Kas-cat copy
what’s for lunch?

200809210179_Nobressart-cat-in-veil copy
I’m getting married in the morning

201007190337_grey-cat copy
tickle my tummy?

Did you say ‘move’?

201108040014_4-hungry-cats copy
the nec plus ultra of possibility in this painting by Beryl Cook

Possibility can be interpreted in so many different ways. Unfortunately it is not possible for me to visit all the wonderful entries on this subject but you might possibly have the time!

Weekly photo challenge: unexpected

Unexpected. The world is an interesting place: we stumble upon unexpected things each day, like signs that are unintentionally amusing, bizarre sculptures, or even strange evidence of a miniature world on the side of a building (like the door and window in the shot above, discovered in San Francisco’s Mission District).

So, your photo challenge this week is to capture something unexpected. You can also interpret the theme in other ways: a street scene or landscape that just doesn’t look quite right, an impromptu portrait of a loved one, or any other image that reveals a sense of surprise.


For a long time inhabitants of the French village of Condom wondered why so many visitors stopped to take a photo of the town’s name, with or without someone standing next to it. Eventually someone thought to ask a visitor what was so interesting about the name. The explanation may have been somewhat baffling to the person in question for the word for a condom in French is préservatif but for many years in English a condom was known as “a French letter” or a “Johnnie”. The enterprising mayor of said town decided to cash in on its new found notoriety/fame and established the world’s first museum dedicated to the condom. Apparently its collection runs into several thousand – many of them donated by visitors to the town – of all shapes, sizes, colours and flavours!

Have you come across something unexpected in your travels or even on your own doorstep?