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Friday Finds: a blue door

Wabi Sabi indeed (embracing imperfection). I had already chosen this image of a battered, weatherworn, painted wooden door in Northern Cyprus before I knew that Kim had chosen this theme for this week’s Friday Finds.


Can you see a face on the door?


Texture Tuesday: artichokes


Artichokes are such versatile plants. Apart from being good to eat, they’re great to look at and their seed heads provide food for the birds in the winter

“His memoir is a splendid artichoke of anecdotes, in which not merely the heart and leaves but the thistles as well are edible.” – John Leonard

“At least you’ll never be a vegetable – even artichokes have hearts.” – Amélie Poulain in the film Amélie


Friday Finds: by the seaside

These giant aloe flower spikes grow so big that they are often used to make fences and other things …




I love these sun parasols decorated to look like hats


Friday Finds: Arlon

On the first Sunday of every month from March to November, the Belgian town of Arlon plays host to a flea market that takes over the streets in and around the main square and the Belvedere. The vendors range from ordinary families having a clear-out to dealers of top notch antiques with plenty of mid-range oddballs in between. What I like about it is that you never know what you might come across. Last Sunday was no exception. There is a shop in the main square which deals in prints, wooden typographical elements, African masks and miscellaneous oddities. On the stall he’d set up in front of his shop was this glorious golden shrine.


close-up of the door panel

The shrine was about 40cm high and 30cm wide. When I unlocked the door there was quite a large gilded chamber inside it.
I asked the vendor if he knew anything about its provenance. He replied that he’d been told by the person he bought it from that it was probably Russian.

If anyone can shed any light on this beautiful object, I’d love to hear from you.

a mythical beast (one of several) painted on a brick wall above a window

a charming house front – I love the angel above the front door

2 floral art nouveau ceramic tiled plaques

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Texture Tuesdays: free and easy edition

Sunflowers are such beautiful flowers and the sight of them always brightens the dreariest day. Last week I was staying close to a field where you can pick your own and made sure I had my camera with me.


I used Kim’s cool grunge texture on this photo and reduced the opacity.


Texture Tuesday: black and white edition

textured with Kim’s justatouch2 and blended in darken
photographed in Picton Street, Bristol, UK


Texture Tuesday: yellow


textured with Kim’s Just a Touch.

If anyone knows what this tree is called, I would love to know. I photographed it in Thailand.


Friday Finds

Arlington Court, a National Trust property in north Devon, UK, recently hosted a special exhibition of work by illustrator and felt artist Amanda Graham. Children can quickly get bored when visiting historic properties but on this occasion 6 of Amanda’s felt mice had been hidden in some of the rooms for children (and adults) to find.

mouse in my lady’s chamber – my favourite

mouse with toy train

pirate mouse

the mouse that ate too many sweets


Arlington Court

The house, set in parkland with gardens, was home to the Chichester family of sea faring fame (Sir Francis Chichester sailed around the world single handed in his yacht Gypsy Moth IV). It has a fine collection of model sailing ships as well as a hoard of objects brought back other members of the family. One of his ancestors, travelled around the world with her female companion and brought back many treasures. There are a number of drawings and paintings by the two women as well. In the grounds there is a walled potager (vegetable garden) and a church whose side door is adorned by two female faces

nobody I asked knew anything about these faces

The stables are home to the carriage museum – a fine collection of horse drawn carriages, including the famous gilded Speaker’s carriage. (The Speaker presides over the debates in the Houses of Parliament. His/her carriage is so special that it is kept in a strictly controlled atmosphere and it is forbidden to photograph it).

It’s a fascinating place to visit. The tea room provides a good selection of cakes, tea and coffee, should you feel in need of sustenance during your visit. According to my nephews, in what they nicknamed the ‘bat cave’, a number of second hand books are also on sale.


Texture Tuesday: cuppa

blended in hue with Kim’s texture ‘granny’s cupboard’

We visited the Mackwoods Labookellie tea museum and plantation in Sri Lanka and learned how the tea is dried and packed after picking. Afterwards we sampled one of their teas accompanied by the best chocolate cake we’d ever tasted and enjoyed looking at the views over the plantation


what’s your favourite cuppa? tea or coffee? do you have a special mug or cup from which to drink it?


Texture Tuesday: free n’ easy


one of two female faces carved on the side doorway to Arlington church, north Devon, UK. Nobody seems to know anything about them. I wonder if the faces are of real or imagined people. Quite often, in church architecture, the stone carvers carved the faces or figures of people they knew or ‘characters’ in their neighbourhood. I think it’s a shame these two girls have faded into obscurity