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Friday finds: the painted house

Back in my home town of Bristol in the UK a couple of weeks ago, I went on a walk through historic Cotham, Kingsdown and finally into Stokes Croft, where I found this beautifully painted house


and these lamp posts which had been subjected to a “yarn attack” (The activity of covering things in public spaces (e.g. lampposts, trees, statues etc.) with knitted or crocheted items)


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Texture Tuesday: perfectly imperfect


“Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it” – Confucius

textured with Kim’s crackerjack, blended in linear burn and opacity reduced.

Find some more perfect imperfections here.


Texture Tuesday: light

Light, textured with Kim’s ‘play’ texture blended in soft light

This light was at our hotel in Kalkan, Turkey, which we visited on our Turkish road trip last year.



Friday finds: Valentine Samui style

Since Friday is Valentine’s day it seems fitting to share some Valentine images. It is always an occasion for splashing out on something colourful in Samui.




Texture Tuesday: Love

texture is Kim’s ‘cherished scripted’

the poem “the life that I have” was written by Leo Marks for Violet Szabo, a secret agent working for the UK. The poem contained a coded message.


Texture Tuesday 04.02.2014

This week over at Kim Klassen, it’s another free and easy theme


I used Kim’s magic texture 2BL with the screen blend mode and reduced the opacity to 86%.

Texture Tuesday – free and easy – 7 Jan 2014

Here is my contribution to this week’s Textured Tuesday

textured with Kim’s ‘abstract’ and blended in pin light

the original

201312060084_Nicosia-sculpture copy

it’s part of the sculpture in the Greek part of Ledra Street, just before the border crossing between the Turkish and Greek parts of the town of Nicosia

Friday finds: silk worm cocoon art

We recently visited the Turkish sector of the divided city of Nicosia/Lefkosa in Cyprus. An unusual art form is practised here: the creation of pictures using silk worm cocoons

201312060089_Lefkosa-silkworm-cocoons copy

201312060088_Lefkosa-silkworm-cocoon-collage copy

Nicosia/Lefkosa (Nicosia is the Greek name and Lefkosa is the Turkish name) is unique in that it is the only (apparently) existing divided and occupied city with the UN holding the limbo section in the middle. At the crossing point is this sculpture.

201312060082_Nicosia-peace-monument copy

It’s easy to cross from one part of the city to another but you have to go through passport control on both sides each time. I am always struck by how different the two sides are. The Greek side (perhaps due to its EU membership) is much more modern, affluent (and expensive) while the Turkish side retains an older, timeless quality. But both sides have their charm and some very interesting buildings – still to be explored.

Friday finds: Kalkan

On our recent road trip in Turkey we spent a couple of days in the seaside resort of Kalkan on the Turquoise coast.


I love this way of storing your jewellry so that you can see it!

dessert one night

a heart-shaped decoration for protection against the evil eye

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Texture Tuesday: free n’ easy

This week’s Texture Tuesday’s theme is another free and easy one.


thistleheads – textured with Kim’s 2110 texture