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New photography blog

Welcome to my new photography blog

Over the last couple of years I have been following some online photo-editing courses including two by Sebastian Michaels. The first was called Photoshop Artistry Grunge and the other Awake. They have transformed the way I shoot photos and the treatment I give to them afterwards.




I will continue to share my travel photos and to participate in occasional challenges on this blog but the new blog will be my main focus.

I am also exploring what can be done with iphoneography (editing on an iphone):



I hope you will take the time to visit and explore the new one.

DP weekly photo challenge: face

Some faces from my archives in response to the DP weekly challenge





Cee’s black and white challenge: flowers

Photos of flowers lend themselves particularly well to being converted to black and white. These are hollyhocks, photographed in the seaside village of Talmont, in the Gironde, France. The village is tiny, blessed with a church that almost has its foundations in the sea and has what must be the most beautiful cemetery I’ve ever come across.



shared with Cee and other lovers of black and white photography

Collage Obsession: mask

Collage Obsession


Collage Obsession: stamps


I love incorporating postage stamps in my work, both mixed media and digital.

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