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Texture Tuesday: if only

I’ve used Kim’s If Only texture and reduced the opacity.
This abandoned Christian church is in the village of Yesilkoy in the Karpaz area of Northrn Cyprus. Northern and Southern Cyprus are still a long way away from unification and feelings run deep on both sides. I used this particular texture with the stitching because it’s a way of healing wounds. If only …..


Texture Tuesday 31 March 2015

In Luxembourg there are few signs that Spring is here. It’s still bitterly cold and showers – more like April showers – continue to pour rain and sleet over the sodden landscape. However, the pollen-laden heads of pussy willow buds brighten the landscape, little beacons of light in the gloom.


This photo has been blended with Kim’s Mondays and I’ve reduced the opacity on the texture layer.


TT get knotted


Did you unravel any interesting textures this week?


Texture Tuesday: spider lily

textured with Kim’s Waterfront


Texture Tuesday: plaything

If you can’t find someone to play with, the next best thing is something ….. in Mingun, Myanmar


texturised with Kim’s ‘gift’


Texture Tuesday – free and easy 2014.11.12

a Buddha head on sale in a high class interior decoration store near us. I used Kim’s Simple texture and reduced the opacity.

sharing with Kim and others


Texture Tuesday: artichokes


Artichokes are such versatile plants. Apart from being good to eat, they’re great to look at and their seed heads provide food for the birds in the winter

“His memoir is a splendid artichoke of anecdotes, in which not merely the heart and leaves but the thistles as well are edible.” – John Leonard

“At least you’ll never be a vegetable – even artichokes have hearts.” – Amélie Poulain in the film Amélie


Texture Tuesdays: free and easy edition

Sunflowers are such beautiful flowers and the sight of them always brightens the dreariest day. Last week I was staying close to a field where you can pick your own and made sure I had my camera with me.


I used Kim’s cool grunge texture on this photo and reduced the opacity.


Texture Tuesday: black and white edition

textured with Kim’s justatouch2 and blended in darken
photographed in Picton Street, Bristol, UK


Texture Tuesday: cuppa

blended in hue with Kim’s texture ‘granny’s cupboard’

We visited the Mackwoods Labookellie tea museum and plantation in Sri Lanka and learned how the tea is dried and packed after picking. Afterwards we sampled one of their teas accompanied by the best chocolate cake we’d ever tasted and enjoyed looking at the views over the plantation


what’s your favourite cuppa? tea or coffee? do you have a special mug or cup from which to drink it?