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travel theme: letters

posting a letter in Angouleme, France

a shop sign in St Paul de Vence, France

just the right wine to accompany the phrase ‘in vino veritas’, maybe. (Translated, the French means ‘grains of wisdom’

read the text from the beginning to the end and then read it backwards ….

street art in Bristol

This Shaun the lamb (helter skelter) is one of many to be found around Bristol this summer. The vividly decorated lambs will be auctioned to raise funds for Bristol Childrens Hospital

I wanted to buy all of these – spotted in Bristol’s Southville market

sharing letters with Ailsa

Sunday Stills: modern art

Does modern art rock your boat or are you something of a traditionalist at heart? what does “modern art” mean to you?


if you look very carefully you’ll see that this stained glass window is made up from x-rays of the human body

On our recent trip to Zeeland, Holland, we visited some galleries featuring in the Hamstede Kunst art exhibition. These are some of the pieces which caught my attention.

viking ship fragment



a gorgeous piece of glass art by Marjo Wiltingh

sharing with Ed’s Sunday Stills

Travel theme: Modern


a modern take on an ancient stone circle at Campo del sole on Lake Trasimeno, Italy


the Harmonic Fields sonic installation in Dorset

animal sculpture in human pose (Luxembourg)

this hand sculpture in Ettelbruck (Luxembourg) gives me the creeps with all its little mouths

Do you like modern art? I’m not always a great fan but sometimes it surprises and delights me.

sharing with Ailsa and other travel themers

Travel theme: Fantastic

Josephine Wall, a fantasy artist, with one of her creations at the Magic Goddess festival in Canterbury a few years ago.


more fantastic pictures from the same festival

Hell, as envisioned by the artist and creator of the fantastic white temple at Chiang Rai, Thailand

the white temple

a painting by the same artist

the fantastic la sagrada familia by Gaudi, Barcelona, as we saw it in 2004. I would like to think that work has progressed since then.

RIP Terry Pratchett, you will be sorely missed.

See more fantastic images here

Daily Post: achievement in Sri Lanka

One of the sites that I really wanted to visit when we went to Sri Lanka was Sigiyria, home of the famous cloud maiden frescoes.

Appropriately enough, this is the home of the Cloud Maidens


The approach is innocent enough

but then you have to climb the cliff

don’t look down

better still, don’t look up either because this is what you are climbing up

so far so good, here are the cloud maidens but you haven’t reached the summit yet



a rare photo of the two of us

you have to go down a section of rickety-looking staircase to get to the next section

past the mirror wall

with the rock face towering above you

then out on to the plateau of the lions paws

before the final ascent

with spectacular views, albeit a bit misty, from the top

it’s hard to imagine that people actually lived at the top and had to carry all their supplies up

I have to say that the climb was daunting – not for the faint-hearted or the infirm and my husband declined to accompany me all the way to the top. However, I’m glad I made it.

What form did your achievement take?

Terrific Tuesday Trials: bedazzle

Terrific Tuesday Trials is a new photography challenge blog I’ve just discovered.

traditional Balinese dancer’s headdress

but of all the places I’ve visted, I think I’ve been most bedazzled in Thailand and, especially, in Bangkok’s Grand Palace. There’s colour and gold wherever you look.






My Buried Treasure

In 2011 Milliande hosted a month-long series of creative art journalling prompts and it was one of the most enjoyable activities I’ve done for a long time. Milliande had put a great deal of time and thought into creating this series of prompts and I’m happy to post it again as part of the Buried Treasure collaboration.

Buried Treasure

Buried Treasure

I have finally completed all 24 days of Milliande’s art journal for January 2011:

Day 1 – the prompt was “zebra up your intro page”

Milliande Art Journal Day 1

Day 2 – the prompt was to create a zendoodle then cut up an enlarged photocopy and use the pieces to create something new

Milliande Art Journal Day 2_Small

Day 3 – carve your own printing blocks and print them. I used a couple of potato halves for my printing blocks

Milliande art journal Day 3

Day 4 – create a face with zebra accents. I had no materials at hand to do this so I used a magazine image

Milliande Art Journal Day 4_Small

Day 5 – create a zebra hand

Milliande Art Journal Day 5

Day 6 – “stripey legs”

Milliande Art Journal Day 6

Day 7 – the prompt was “stripey windows”

Milliande Art Journal Day 7

This is the inside of my window – it’s a digital mandala I created. Afterwards, not shown in this scan, I added the words “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

Milliande Art Journal Day 7 open

Day 8 – vertical journaling. I used one of those crosswords without black squares for the grid. I used purple food colouring for the background and lifted off some of the colour with kitchen paper.

Milliande Art Journal Day 8

Day 9 – layered lines

Milliande art journal Day 9

Day 10 – the prompt was “striped dragonfly”

Milliande Art Journal Day 10

Day 11 – crossword puzzles

Milliande Art Journal Day 11

Day 12 – daily debris – my daily debris consists of bills and endless cups of tea so I used an envelope with a transparent window and stuck on a number of tea bag envelopes, some postage stamps and did some doodling

Milliande Art Journal Day 12

Day 13 – taking lines for a walk – we were supposed to draw lines on the page, without any preconceived idea of what you were going to do, then see what the lines suggested to you. Mine ended up as a sunset landscape with the sky, a range of hills, the greenery of hills and fields and then the sea. I used water colour crayons and the colours are very muted in the scan

Milliande art journal Day 13

Day 14 – mirror mirror

Milliande Art Journal Day 14

Day 15 – Stories of woman

Milliande Art Journal Day 15

Day 16 – favourite number – I had the most difficulty with this one and am not really happy with it but the whole point of art journalling is that you don’t have to create a perfect piece of finished art

Milliande art journal Day 16

Day 17 – the prompt was “plump pears”. I drew them with watercolour crayons and added the “stitching” in black pen so that they would look as if they have been appliqued

Milliande Art Journal Day 17

Day 18 – lettering

Milliande Art Journal Day 18

Day 19 – toy or talisman. Cats are my talismans and I have always had a cat in my life from the age of 5 (although sadly not a cat of my own at the moment)

Milliande Art Journal Day 19

Day 20 – your front door

Milliande art journal Day 20

Day 21 – bonny bluebells. As children we were often taken to the nearest bluebell wood to see the bluebells, the sight of the carpets of blue always filled (and still does) me with joy

Milliande Art Journal Day 21

Day 22 – a favourite day in the life of YOU. This is a depiction of typical day on our holiday in Thailand. The rainy season had not finished and we were deluged with torrential rain for most of the day on most of our days. Serendipitously I found the Emerson quote the day I drew this

Milliande Art Journal Day 22

Day 23 – paper poem – this was supposed to be a found poem but I had no suitable to literature so I created my poem from the Splatt poetry game site ( The words led to the image I created.

Milliande Art Journal Day 23

Day 24 – round and round we go

Milliande Art Journal Day 24

I would have preferred to be able to do these art journal entries in the comfort of my own home with all my art supplies to hand rather than on the move and staying in other people’s houses. However, this forced me to think outside the box and to use whatever I could lay my hands on. I had only used watercolour crayons once before so this was a useful experiment – I must learn to make the colours more substantial. I also found it hard not to want to produce a complete piece of work and to allow myself to experiment and not think too hard. I kept having to remind myself that it was all about experimenting and having fun. I also found that I was less successful with the prompts that didn’t “say” anything to me.

Photo Art Friday: lines

The 9 November challenge from Bonnie was to share photos or photo art featuring lines. I’ve had a busy week so I’m sharing photos straight out of the camera this week:

staircase in the home of a friend of ours

the museum of Islamic Art in Kuala Lumpur

Garden festival in France

scanned photo of one I took in India many years ago – I love the lines in this one

scanned photo of one I took in India many years ago

why not pop over to Bonnie’s blog to see what other lines people have chosen.

travel theme: art

Ailsa’s challenge this week is to showcase a photo illustrating “art” in whatever form we choose.

Wikepedia defines Art thus: Art is a term that describes a diverse range of human activities and the products of those activities, but here refers to the visual arts, which cover the creation of images or objects in fields including painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography, and other visual media.

This installation has always tickled me – monument to the unknown washer women

it was a tottering pile of brightly coloured washing bowls seen in Luxembourg back in 2005.

More “conventional” art, maybe?



collages made by children, displayed in the tunnel in the Grund area of old Luxembourg

and finally, how about some floral sushi?

PS having just come across another day in paradise‘s contribution in which she mentions that her sister is an artist, I thought I would mention that my sister is an artist too.


you can see her work here. Since we live on opposite sides of the world to each other, I guess this counts as travel too.

Helgas circle challenge

Helga, of Artchix fame, has posted a new challenge on her artistic life blog. This is the first of a series of nine. Without thinking too much so that you can better develop a sense of fun in your artwork the challenge was to use circles. This is my offering.

The backgrounds were made by using stamp pads to apply the colour directly on to the paper, watercolour or watercolour crayon. To make the patterns from top left to right I used a rubber wine bottle stopper, a stamp pad and a cotton reel. In the middle I used a gel pen to draw the circles, 2 different pill packs and a rubber stamp with bubbles. On the bottom again from left to right I used a sponge dauber, watercolours and gel pens to draw the “faces” and finally a piece of bubble wrap.