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weekly photo challenge: descent

Even if we didn’t manage to descend to the bottom of St Patrick’s well in Orvieto, Italy my glasses did. I leaned out to take a photo looking down the well and my camera jogged against my glasses knocking them off. I watched, horrified, as they bounced off the window ledge and then down into the void over 100 metres below…. We were at the beginning of our day’s outing and still had places to go. To make matters worse on our return to the hotel, when I put my spare pair of glasses on one of the lenses fell out of its frame. It was a public holiday just before a weekend and it was 3 days before I could get them repaired. Of such joys is life made!


the cascate delle marmore at nearby Terni

the chairlift down to Gubbio


descent from Schafberg, Austria

When I was looking for suitable images for this challenge, although I found lots looking up various staircases, I had none looking down. I wonder why that is. Note to self – must take the occasional shot looking down a staircase

How did you interpret this week’s challenge?

Daily Post: Refraction



Refraction in the Losium in Austria

Travel theme: interior

The Wachau area in Austria is a major wine-producing region and is home to the Losium, a visitor centre that shows the wine-making process from start to finish. Apart from an impressive collection of vintage wines, it features a very colourful light show and the hall of infinity mirrors produces some interesting photographic effects.




Hangar 7 near Salzburg airport owned by Red Bull founder Dietrich Mateschitz is not a hangar in a traditional sense but rather a multifunctional building with a collection of 25 historical airplanes, helicopters and Formula One racing cars. It also has a couple of restaurants and a shop.


Vienna’s many historical buildings have some wonderful interiors. We found the most interesting one behind the relatively plain (by Viennese standards) facade of the Jesuits church.


However, the interior with its trompe l’oeil ceiling, created by the Italian Andrea Pozzo in the early 18th century, was glorious








Sharing “interiors” with Ailsa

Travel photo Monday: postcards of my summer travels

So where I have been the last couple of months, you might ask. Well, I was, of course, travelling; a few days, a few days there as you will see: France, UK, Luxembourg and Austria.

H and C exhibition
A friend of mine, Heather Carroll, and I had a joint art exhibition, held in wine cellars in Ahn on the Moselle. I exhibited some of my textured photos and she exhibited some of her woven wall hangings inspired by the spirit of the sea

Photos from 20140807-Marie-Noelle Fontan exhibition
We visited an exhibition by Marie-Noelle Fontan who incorporates leaves, seeds, seed heads and twigs into her woven wall hangings

Photos from 20140724-France
In France nuits romanes were being celebrated in the Poitou Charente and the sunflowers were at their best

Photos from 2014_08_16-Milton Abbas-Okeford  Fitzpaine-2BA
Dorset is home to the beautiful Milton Abbey with its fabulous stained glass window, featuring a tree of Jesse, by Pugin

Photos from 2014_08_17-Clifton walk-2BA
Walking with my sister and her husband, over from the US, around Clifton Wood, Bristol, brought back memories of our childhood spent there

Photos from 2014_08_19-Salisbury-Mompesson
We drove down to Salisbury to visit Mompesson House where the Victorian artist Barbara Thompson lived and painted. There was an exhibition of contemporary works there which included a dress covered in leaves and butterflies exquisitely executed by Jane Hall.

Photos from 2014_08_19-Salisbury-cathedral
Salisbury cathedral rises above the beautiful cathedral close. The ‘walking Madonna’ is by Elizabeth Frink

Photos from 2014_08_20-Bath-2BA(1)
a few glimpses of Bath and its abbey

Photos from 20140809-Lux-street-art-animation
Luxembourg held its annual street art/animation festival where street performers from far afield come for a weekend to entertain thousands of visitors

Photos from 20140828-Wachau
Last, but not least, we visited friends in Austria, starting in the wine lands of Wachau

Photos from 20140829-Schafberg
followed by a train ride up to the Schafberspitze, from where you can see 7 lakes

Photos from 20140830-Hangar-7-Salzburg
Hangar 7, Salzburg, is home to the private collection of aeroplanes and racing cars belonging to the man who invented the Red Bull drink

Photos from 20140830-Salzburg
Salzburg in the rain – what better argument did we need to seek cover in the Stiegl brewery after looking round the castle and then demolishing a huge slice of Sachertorte in the famous Cafe Sacher. The fence on both sides of the bridge across the river had been adorned with thousands of padlocks, like votive offerings they are signs of love in modern times.

Photos from 20140901-03-Vienna-Schonbrunn-Belvedere
Vienna’s Schonbrunn Palace was still beautiful in the rain. Hungry sparrows, starved for food because of the previous 2 days non-stop rain, hardly gave us a chance to eat our apple strudel in the cafe. The Upper Belvedere gave me the chance to see Klimt’s masterpiece “the kiss” in the flesh as it were. Unfortunately it was too wet to enjoy the gardens to the full although we did walk the length of them

Photos from 20140901-03-Vienna-city-visit
Inner Vienna – the only dry day we had – and a chance to see the inner city from the comfort of a horse-drawn carriage. The architect Loos, whose building the “Loos Haus” (now the Raiffeisen Bank) caused scandal in its time because of its simple lines, described the Viennese as being “pathologically addicted to ornament”. This was evident everywhere. Every facade had faces peeping from them and doors with colonnades on either side sported mythological creatures supporting them. Vienna was indeed a feast for the eyes for those with an interest in architecture.

As I write this the space available to me in my office diminishes daily as we pack up boxes and store them there in preparation for moving house. Breathing space is needed and a new adventure calls…..