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Collage Obsession: mask

Collage Obsession


Collage Obsession: stamps


I love incorporating postage stamps in my work, both mixed media and digital.

sharing with Collage Obsession

Collage obsession: shades of pink


sharing with Collage Obsession

Collage Obsession: raven


a mixed media ATC

Collage Obsession

Collage obsession: nature

Collage Obsession‘s last challenge before the summer break was anything nature themed.


Collage obsession: making marks

Linda from Collage Obsession said “I am delving more and more into art journaling , paper and glue, ink, paint ,markers, and all the other ways to “make marks.” In the realm of digital art, the marks we make are digital–textures, brushes, fonts, filters and styles.”

I was intrigued by this week’s theme of making marks. I started my collage with a photo of very ancient Cambodian marks incised in stone

Copy of 201003050062_Ta-Prom-stone-texture

and overlaid it with a photo of painted wood on which time has made its mark

Copy of 201101250099_painted-texture

I then added the stitching, ink splatters and word art to get this


Collage obsession: handwriting

Sherry, of Collage Obsession, was bemoaning the fact that writing by hand seems to be a lost art so she invited us to share a creation showing handwriting.



the handwritten text in my image is part of a scan of a page from an old poetry book I found in a flea market in Belgium. Many of the pages have poems (in French) copied on to them in painstaking handwritten script. Copying such poems into books was one of the pasttimes of genteel ladies in days gone by. This entry is dated 4 October 1888. The owner of the book was a young lady called Adele and her initials are monogrammed on the cover of the book.

Collage Obsession: frozen

When we drove through freezing fog in central Turkey over the weekend I had no idea that ‘frozen’ would be the theme chosen by Collage Obsession this week. Since we don’t get to see frozen scenes very often these days as we tend to spend much of our time in warmer climes, I insisted that we stop the car so that I could take some photos. I’ve used a couple of them for these 2 photo montages (made with Picasa).



Wrap up warm and venture into some other frozen places here.

Collage Obsession: 2014 – year of the horse

January 31st will see the start of the Chinese year of the horse. In honour of this, Collage Obsession has chosen this for its challenge theme this week.


the children in the photo are my husband and his brother with their grandfather in the days when they still had the farm.
Collage elements are from Lila’s birdsong pack, background and ink splatter are by Jen Maddocks and the frame is by Gin & Tonic Designs (all Scrapbook Graphics).

Did you illustrate this theme this week? Trot over to Collage Obsession to see what other people did.

Collage Obsession: haiku poem and illustration


Below is a brief explanation of Haiku which is a Japanese poem
A haiku consists of 3 lines and 17 syllables.
Each line has a set number of syllables see below:
Line 1 – 5 syllables
Line 2 – 7 syllables
Line 3 – 5 syllables
The sky is so blue. 5
The sun is so warm up high. 7
I love the summer. 5
Haiku poems don’t need to rhyme, but for more of a challenge some poets try to rhyme lines 1 and 3. The subject can be anything from nature or from your urban surroundings. Haiku can also be written in the format of 3, 5, 3 syllables.

Visit Collage Obsession to see what other haikus people found or created for themselves and the images they chose to accompany their choice