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travel theme: paper

some of my paper-themed photos

a carrier bag made of recycled magazine pages in Thailand

paper parasols on sale at the Sule paya in Yangon, Myanmar

paper boats in a shop window in Zieriksee, Holland

paper heart decorations in a shop window in the UK

see more paper via Ailsa’s blog

Helgas circle challenge

Helga, of Artchix fame, has posted a new challenge on her artistic life blog. This is the first of a series of nine. Without thinking too much so that you can better develop a sense of fun in your artwork the challenge was to use circles. This is my offering.

The backgrounds were made by using stamp pads to apply the colour directly on to the paper, watercolour or watercolour crayon. To make the patterns from top left to right I used a rubber wine bottle stopper, a stamp pad and a cotton reel. In the middle I used a gel pen to draw the circles, 2 different pill packs and a rubber stamp with bubbles. On the bottom again from left to right I used a sponge dauber, watercolours and gel pens to draw the “faces” and finally a piece of bubble wrap.