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I have walked in sacred places

photo composition by me

I have walked in sacred places
Seen colours never seen
Awake have dreamed of mysteries
Of things that ne’r have been
In trees heard music never writ
Of chords that are unknown
In those hidden sacred spaces
Where I journey all alone

Last night my life was woven
Within that sacred knot
Of ages past, forgotten mists
Of nature’s sacred lot
As the mysteries of life unfold
A tie that has no end
Enlightened by that mystic light
Of mysteries veil to rend

On darkest moor, high stones stand
My spirit is set free
As they speak to me of ages past
Touchstones of eternity
They rise upon those mystic lands
If only we might see
That in each secret stone is hid
A gift of nature’s memory.

To stand in dreams on hill top high
To soar above on eagle’s wings
Where visions are no longer hid
And spirits soar as nature sings
Above those lesser things of life
Above its woes and care
As dreams and visions are fulfilled
As we at one with nature share.

As lightning rends the sky at night
And thunder roars in angry swell
As nature groans in agony
Its song of loss – a tale to tell
Within such wondrous beauty there
Where stars are hidden from our sight
The seeds of dawn are gently sown
To bring new beauty with dawn’s light.

To gaze into life’s deep, dark wells
As though into the deepest grave
Of shadows cold – life’s blackest seam
Where hope seems lost – no hope to save
But from within those darkest deeps
New life springs forth in sweetest span
And flows to quench the longing thirst
That dwells within the soul of man.

Or stand beside a river clear
And gaze in wonder as it flows
A myriad of crystal lights
As to its journey’s end it goes
To hear in nature’s gentle breeze
As willows sing in harmony
As nature’s healing gently flows
If only we would hear and see.

Words by © Les Cruttenden, from Insights into Meditation

variations on a theme

Three variations inspired by the art of Alberto Seveso




created for Digitalmania’s challenge

Mandarin Orange Monday 116: Teapot

On a recent visit to Vienna’s Naschmarkt I spotted the perfect photo shot of a teapot shaped like Aladdin’s lamp to share with Mandarin Orange Monday.



Topaz 4 cartoon effect

with map overlay

kaleidoscope effect created with Pixlr

artichoke experiments

Earlier this week I shared a photo of artichokes with Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesday, to which I had added one of Kim’s textures.


This is the original photo, with its white sky


One of my readers commented that she would like to see a solid coloured background. I was intrigued by this idea so here are the results of my experiments



Which version do you like best?

Texture Tuesday: free n’ easy

This week’s Texture Tuesday’s theme is another free and easy one.


thistleheads – textured with Kim’s 2110 texture


a year in my life: 2012

2012 saw us travelling again:

pink water lilies

and the white temple in Chiang Rai in Thailand in January.

Luang Prabang in Laos at the end of January

and the sunbirds nesting outside our window in Thailand produced 2 babies.

In March we went to Hamburg for our friends’ wedding, our first visit there – bitterly cold but we’d love to return

In April I took my parents, aged 88 and 91, on holiday for a week to Lynmouth in north Devon, in the UK

July saw us cat-sitting for friends in Germany and I took this photo of allium flowers in their garden. I used what I’d learned in one of Kim Klassen’s lessons in Beyond Layers to make this storyboard

In August we went on our trans-European trip passing through France, Italy and Germany. This photo was taken in the mountains above the tiny hamlet of St Ours near the Franco-Italian border.

In Italy we visited Pisa,


and Assisi, to name but a few of the wonderful sights we saw

In Alsace we found the virgin with the opening stomach.

Towards the end of the year I concentrated on creating more digital artwork using Photoshop Elements



and used some of these manipulated photos in my sketchbook project which I have now sent off to the Brooklyn Library for its 2013 project.

We will be travelling again in 2013 so there will be more photos and more stories, I hope.

Thank you for following my blog and I wish you all a happy and healthy new year.

Photo Art Friday

If you were to collect together your best/favourite photo art images that you’ve created this year to put into a coffee table art book, which photo would you use for the cover? This is Bonnie’s challenge for us this week.

This would be my first choice

Erato, muse of erotic poetry

closely followed by this


Why not pop over to Photo Art Friday and see what other photo artists are using for their cover pictures

Texture Tuesday free n’easy edition

This is the last Texture Tuesday for this year so Kim invited us to do whatever we wanted with our chosen photo and use at least one of her textures.


I used Kim’s ‘if only’ texture and reduced the opacity.

12 days of texture – day 5

Today’s offering from Kim Klassen was Zuzu. I have used it here with the soft light blending mode at 100%.


12 days of texture – day 3

Kim Klassen’s texture today is Cosmo. I experimented with several photos and decided to post all 3 versions.

Version 1 = I duplicated the background and applied multiply to it at 100%, then added Cosmo using darker colour at 77%


version 2 = I used multiply at 100%


I used linear burn blending mode on this one.

All 3 photos were taken in the South of France earlier this year. Hanging a thistle head on the old door is a traditional method of warding off evil.