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I’ve been published!

TT-thistleheads copy-bw

At the beginning of June 2015 I took part in the 5th annual Exposure competition. Much to my surprise and delight one of my images was chosen to feature in a special exhibition of digital art in the Louvre on 13th July in the Art Photography Collection. If you scroll down to my image and then click on it you can then see the other images I submitted.

That photograph has now been included in the book that has been produced to celebrate this year’s competition, my image is on page 27. The book will soon go on sale to the general public and net proceeds from the sales will go to the charity Pencils of Promise.

Until 26 August 2015 the book will be on sale at the disounted price of $53, after which the price will be increased to $78.

See Me – Exposure 2015 digital photography competition

I have decided to enter the See Me Exposure 2015 competition in order to gain a bit more exposure for my digital art creations.

In order to be eligible to participate in the Vox Populi (voice of the public) part of the competition I need a minimum of 100 votes and 100 original comments on the voting page. After voting you need to scroll down the page to leave a comment. I would be very grateful if you would vote for me and add a comment. Just click on the link above.



Thank you!

Texture Tuesday: free n’ easy

This week’s Texture Tuesday’s theme is another free and easy one.


thistleheads – textured with Kim’s 2110 texture


Photo Art Friday 2 August 2013

Photo Art Friday now takes place on the first Friday of every month. This month we were given the option of sharing a piece of flower art using at least one of Bonnie’s textures. I’ve used different filters on this image and have added Bonnie’s texture Soft Reflections to it as well as experimenting with the blending modes which has resulted in:




I added a poster edges filter to the above photo

and blended it with Bonnie’s quartz texture. I love the effect this produced, it looks like a transfer

Cee’s fun foto challenge: textures

Cee’s challenge was textures:

embroidered needle felting

Copy of 201007110225_tree-bark
maple tree bark


Copy of 201007110214_Arles-mosaic

more mosaic

Copy of 201003050062_Ta-Prom-stone-texture
carved stone texture

weathered wooden tiles

WP special photo challenge: inspiration

WP’s Daily Post has invited us to share a portrait of us doing things that inspire us to blog.

My love of travelling and obsession with taking photos of much what I see around me inspires me to blog. I am lucky to be able to indulge both these passions and enjoy sharing this love with other people.

This is a photo I took of my shadow on the water

I took this photo of a mirror installation and you can just catch a glimpse of my sister and me in the reflections (she is an avid photographer too)

my sister’s i-phone photo of me and the mirror installation

WP weekly photo challenge: silhouette

Trees always look beautiful in silhouette. Here are some of my silhouettes:





a windblown tree on Exmoor

not a tree but fennel produces some great silhouettes too

the shadow cast by the silhouette of a temple gable in Thailand

also shared with Straight Out of the Camera Sunday

November artist date

12.11.2011 On a glorious sunny afternoon I drove up to the abandoned Greek village of Sandima. It’s a place I love visiting as there is always something to photograph. High on the hillsides were vivid splashes of colour from the trees which are fast losing their leaves.


sunlight streamed through the leaves on the trees


dead thistles

At the base of some rocks I found the tiny pink flowered wild cyclamen.


Jays flew all around me. I found more of the giant agave plants that I had been searching for on my last artist date and they towered above me.




I wandered through the ruins finding lots of interesting shots through empty windows and textures of peeling paint.




A farmer carries a pail of water to his cows. He and his mother had been laying brushwood along the tops of the dry stone walls


and another farmer and his donkey plod up the stony track

citrus orchards in the valley below


I think this is a tree mallow and it flowers late November/early December

A few miscellaneous photos taken over the last couple of weeks.
A cobbled pattern in a garden that fronts on to the beach at Torba

A bar/cafe/art gallery in Torba

dried sunflower heads outside a cafe in Golkoy

the secret cove at Golkoy

October artist date

According to Julia Cameron in her book “the artist’s way”,  “an artist date is “a block of time, perhaps two hours weekly, especially set aside and committed to nurturing your creative consciousness, your inner artist. In its most primary form, the artist date is an excursion, a play date that you preplan and defend against all interlopers You do not take anyone on this artist date but you and your inner artist, a.k.a your creative child.”  On 15 October I took myself off on my first artist’s date. I went for a drive in the car out to the peninsula which was ravaged by fire a few weeks ago.


I drove until the lane petered out and then I got out and walked down to the little bay.


Clouds of crickets burst up around my feet, only identifiable by the flash of their red under-wings. When they came to a rest they were completely invisible, camouflaged into their surroundings. Except for 2 guys cleaning their boat there was no one else around.


After the recent rains I found seeds sprouting – it looked as if someone had thrown down a handful of broad beans which had germinated.


Tall spires of white flowers (asphodels) thrust towards the sky on long stalks with no leaves visible at their base and I saw the tops of huge bulbs everywhere; I think they must be lilies of some sort.


Driving back along the track I noticed that someone had amused themselves constructing a number of stone cairns.


201110150082_stone-cairn copy

At the top of the hill I could see patches of new green grass covering the burnt areas. Skylarks flew in front of me and high in the sky a bird of prey hovered. There was only the sound of birdsong – bliss.


I then set off to try and take some photos of the huge agaves which are in flower at the moment.
Their “flowers” are immensely tall and I deliberately included the telegraph pole in this photo to give an idea of their size. Once they have flowered they tend to fall over under their own weight and sometimes they are used to make fences around orchards or olive groves.



Two doors away our neighbours have found an unusual use for the dried fennel plants. They have trimmed them and painted them white and “planted” them in the border. The white stones at their base have been covered over with plastic sheeting and tiles to prevent them from getting too dirty over the winter.


It occurred to me that I could cut some fennel stalks myself and spray them and use them as a jewellry tree or as a symbolic Christmas tree.

My booty, which I am hoping to draw and paint, from this excursion included a banana flower, a large “flower” that resembles a giant, elongated, soft fir cone from an ornamental palm tree, 3 spires of the white asphodel flowers, a spray of yellow eucalyptus flowers, a seed pod with bright red seeds from a Magnolia tree and a spray from a bush bearing funny little green fruit that look a bit like miniature apples.


digital experiments

I have been experimenting with putting textured overlays on some of my photos. These are my very first attempts:

wild fennel sky01-Jills moon fabric texture overlay copy

This one of a fennel plant silhouetted against the sky uses one of Jill’s photos of a piece of her fabric weaving. I love this photo and have a feeling it’s going to be used lots more times!

Two versions of the same gardenia photo
gardenia-cambodian stone texture overlay copy
This one has been overlaid with a photo of a Cambodian stone frieze

201103120207_gardenia-wooden door texture overlay copy
This one has been overlaid with a wooden door texture

201103120197-yellow hibiscus-sanskrit texture overlay copy

yellow hibiscus with a sanskrit text overlay

201103020087_white-frangipani-nylon fishing line overlay copy

white frangipani with a white nylon fishing line overlay

and last but not least
201103020090_white-frangipani-ceramic jar overlay copy

the ceramic jar was very colourful but I was interested to see what effect the overlay would have

At this stage I haven’t tried to do anything more complicated than overlay a single texture over the top of a photograph. Experiments with changing opacity, etc. may come later but it has taken me ages to do this successfully. I found a very good tutorial at the studioCalico. I would point out that rather than “open” both photos I used the “file>place” function for the photo of the texture. I used PSE8 for this.