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travel theme: ecclestiastical grey

I’ve been visiting a number of cathedrals and churches this summer – grey of colour maybe but certainly not devoid of interest. These shots are of Gloucester cathedral, UK




Robert, Duke of Normandy

This is the doorknocker to the sanctuary church of St Nicholas, Gloucester. It features a devil’s head surmounted by the upside-down head of a woman with her tongue sticking out to lick the bunch of grapes hanging above her.


You need a guide armed with a flashlight to find this bas-relief of David and Goliath. I would never have seen the little frog perched on the rushes in the bottom right hand corner if it hadn’t been pointed out to me.

bas relief of David and Goliath, Wells cathedral, UK

Generally, one thinks of cemeteries as being grey places simply because of what they are. However, just to prove the exception to the rule, I’m including this photo of the cemetery in Talmont in the Gironde, France, because the hollyhocks made it such an enchanting place.


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